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Do you ever get in a rut? I sure do!

I was looking through my photographs for a project the other day and I realized all I have been doing for months is taking photographs for work.

As a newborn and family photographer, that’s not a big hardship but I decided it was time to go for a walkabout with my camera and see what I could capture. I love colors, negative space and details in nature so that’s what I have most of.

It’s so good to just leave the house with no particular destination and get the creative juices flowing! This is especially true for an artistic person. (even if you are a closet artist)

In the end, I was very glad I went for my walk and here is what I have to show for it! Enjoy!

I didn’t have to go far for these lovely sticky aster’s and cosmos as I plant them in my garden every year. So pretty!
I love seeing the little details and pops of color lying in wait around every corner.

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