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Space, the final frontier!

Are all your family photos spread out in different directions?

Some on your phone, hubby’s phone, the cloud, your computer, a couple of old externals in the closet…

That’s what happened in our house. We had unsorted, unedited photographs all over the place and it was keeping me from completing some super meaningful printing projects I’d been wanting to do for years!

Time to get organized!

time to get organized. Tips to sort through years of photographs!

I finally decided to solve this long standing challenge by getting a 6gig external hard drive which I picked up at Costco (a totally worthwhile investment). I copied all the photos I could find into yearly and monthly folders.

If I came across doubles I renamed them in case I had labelled two different photos with the same name. Then I started sorting and narrowing down my favorites by date starting with the most recent images. eg 2018, then 2017…

I left the originals on the externals they came from as it’s good to have backups but I renamed the folders with a T for transferred as I don’t want to redo this work again.

Sorting your photos doesn't have to be painful!

I now have my complete library of photos on one handy external and every chance I get I sort through a month or two and ad to my “ready to print’ master folder. BLISS!

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