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Make a mini photobook in 10 minutes from your phone

Why and how to make a photobook from your phone?

You see your child making the cutest expression or a beautiful sunset catches your attention, so you pull out the closest camera you can find, your phone, and take the shot. We love the technology that makes it possible to capture a moment so easily but what are we doing with all these photographs? We fill our phone until we have to delete or move them all to the computer or back it up on the cloud…then what?


Well I have the perfect little project for you! Join me for this and 12 other photo printing challenges.



mini photobooks from Social Print Studio



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Why this mini photobook project is so important.

  • It’s small, quick and easy.

  • The printed images are so small that resolution and quality don’t matter as much. Less stress!

  • You will get a chance to practice using an online ordering platform that is really user friendly!!! I only recommend the best stuff! This is not an affiliate link. I just really like working with this company.

  • You won’t have a chance to agonise over hundreds of options. One photo per page, that’s it! No fuss, no frills, no self doubt.

  • It’s fairly inexpensive $15US for 2 mini books. (For us Canadians it adds up to $32 with exchange and shipping sadly but to put things in perspective, i used to pay 20$ just to have one roll of negatives developed a few… 15 years ago.)

  • You will have a fun and unique gift idea for later use.

  • You will get to see which pictures might be worth enlarging.

  • It will remind you of how many wonderful moments you have any given day, month, year…

  • It’s super shareable! I tossed my two little books in my purse and have been sharing them with everyone. I rarely share my phone photos with others…

This tiny project will fuel your excitement and motivation for next 12 projects coming! I promise!

The Rules:

  • Make lots of mistakes!

  • Perfection is not allowed.

  • When in doubt, over brighten.

  • KISS … keep it simple stupid!

  • No font folies! Pick one then move on!

  • Keep with the time frame.

  • Don’t over stuff, less is more in design!

  • This is art, not science so don’t overthink things.


Action Steps

  1. From your phone, follow this link to Social Print Studio App:  App for ANDROID   App for IPHONE

  2. Download the app. It’s free and so worth it! If you can’t or don’t want to add the app to your phone, you can still make this project from your desktop.

  3. Select “Make prints”, then  “photobook”, next scroll down and choose “minibook” and then  “make minibooks”

  4. Navigate through your phone photos and select 100. They don’t have to be your best work, they don’t have to match. They don’t have to be in order or come from the same folder. This exercise is more about unblocking your internal obstacles like self doubt, procrastination, perfectionism. If you’re like me…you have all three! If you come up with a genius idea, save it for the next book. Today we keep it simple!!!!

  5. Review your books, readjust bad crops and proceed to checkout. Make an account because we will come back to Social Print Studio for later projects.

  6. Check out my video tutorial. It will give you a few tricks to help you select your images and use the basic editing program.


Here is the first mini book set that i created. I had a bunch of images sitting on my phone as we all do. I had an eclectic mix and my perfectionist side kept saying edit these! Use your DSLR images to do this!!! I did however push forward and realized that it made me happy to know these images wouldn’t eventually get lost on my computer. They were good enough!


mini photo books from Social Print Studio

make a photobook from your phone

photo book ideas


Now we want to see your fabulous first photobook. In a few weeks your mini album will arrive in the mail. Make a small FB or Instagram video and tag it with #getitdonephotochallenge check out what others create, be inspired, comment and encourage. Keep it positive.

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Make a mini photobook in 10 minutes from your phone

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