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Gift ideas for teen boys | Links included!

30 awesome gift ideas for teen boys

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.


Finding great gift ideas for teen boys can be way more challenging than shopping for toddlers. This year I had a chat with my teenage boys and a bunch of their friends to find out what’s hot, what’s not and where to find it all!

So whether you are a parent, a grandparent, aunt or uncle to a teen boy, I have the perfect shopping list for you! Gift ideas range from $20 – $200 and cover categories like sports equipment, fashion accessories, electronics, hobbies and much more.

Getting the perfect gift from the comfort of home is the best thing about the internet! Have fun shopping!




Video Games

Video games are always a great choice. These are the latest and most popular games for the 14 to 18+ crowd for the 2018 holiday season.

Red Dead redemption 2 for xbox 

Red dead redemption 2 for ps4

COD Black Ops 4 xbox

COD black ops 4 for ps4

GTA 5 for xbox

Gta 5 for ps4

Forza  4 for xbox

Battlefield 5 for xbox 

Battlefield 5 for ps4

XBOX live gold is a one year pass to online access for the xbox console user. The year starts from the moment the numbers are entered so even if your teen already has XBOX live, this card will still be of value when it’s time for them to renew.

1 year Xbox live gold



Electronics are always a big draw for teens. Rather than hand over money which is boring and un-festive, you can definitely make their little teen faces light up with these cool gadgets!

This is the “google home” equivalent. Just shout out your command and Echo makes it happen. The only way i’m getting one of these is if it cooks and cleans on command!

Amazon echo

With all our music being stored digitally these days, it’s easier than ever to carry a tiny ghetto-blaster around. Just look for Bluetooth and waterproof and your golden!

Bluetooth speaker  

I can’t tell you how many headphones have lived and died in my house! We have gone through so many pairs as a family that we could probable fill a laundry basket full! Having said that, we can’t live without them so we might as well get that kind that last longest! These sweat proof, magnetic, tiny buds headphones are the best at this price range! (Now if we could just get the kitty cat to stop snacking on them it would be even better!)

Bluetooth headphones


How fun is this little gadget! The perspective you get from this camera drone is fantastic. Especially when camping or at the beach!

drone with camera 

Yes this is great for teens but to be honest… its great for adults too. I have this model and love it!!!

Garmin vivo smart hr fitness watch 


I think my son is hoping I buy all the items on this list… especially this item! Poor guy…

gaming headset for xbox or ps4 



There is a good price range for these sporting items, but they are all winners!




Punching bag with gloves



This fooseball table requires tennis ball feet because it shakes around alot. It’s pretty tough, though it’s not as sturdy as a high end one.

fooseball table 

These compression shirts are very popular and in fashion this year.

Under Armour Men’s Heat Gear Armour Long Sleeve Compression Shirt

under Armour water bottle

under Armour shack pack 

water filter for hiking or other outdoor activities 



Fashion Accessories

Aviator sunglasses have been in fashion for 50+ years. With this fun gift you are protecting your teens eyes AND helping him look as cool as can be! My son got a pair last summer and really loves them.

30 gift ideas for teen boys | aviator sunglasses


This particular watch has a timeless look and feel. It will fit well with most outfits.

wrist watch 


Apparently everyone at school is wearing these tops so it’s a sure winner.

champion pull over hoodie color navy heather  

champion reverse weave sweatshirt grey


Because they are starting to groom like humans… Yay!!

hair gel


It goes against the grain to put this seriously ugly baseball cap in the list but apparently, I know nothing and have to trust my boys!

Bass pro fishing hat


Because of all the money and credit cards teens carry around! Ha!

compact wallet


Ok, this is pretty cool!


Iphone case/wallet  



This backpack is such a great gift idea for teens, especially one that has road trips for sports or work.

backpack with integrated phone charger 

Portable charger



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