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How do I choose the style for my newborn photoshoot?

White mini newborn photoshoot Victoria BC

When you book a newborn photoshoot, should you have a say about the style, colours, props, and textures the photographer will use?

My answer is Yes Absolutely!

So what is your style?

It’s important that you have an idea about what you like and don’t like in the newborn photography genre. Take some time to look at a number of newborn photographer’s portfolios. Do you like simple backdrops? Are flowers and ruffles your thing? Do you prefer pictures of baby naked or wrapped or wearing cute outfits? Is your style sleek and modern or vintage and moody?

Who do you pick?

Once you’ve narrowed down your preferences, pick a baby photographer that has a similar style as yours. If you choose someone who’s aesthetic you like, you will be so much happier with the end results.

newborn photographer Victoria BC
baby photographer Vancouver Island

Things to thank about before booking.

Don’t let geography or discounts affect your decision because these images will be part of your family’s legacy for your lifetime as well as your child’s. I recommend you pick a newborn photographer who’s style you really like and then let them do their magic. That is when you get the most amazing portraits!

In my studio, I only carry colours and props that I feel are flattering to baby and are in-line with my brand. I usually have a few neutral sets ready to go so we can start right away. Once I get started though, I actually encourage my clients to peruse my headbands, bonnets, and fluffy textures so they have a chance to choose what they like most. It helps them feel involved and they really adore the final results.

So my answer is yes you should choose the style for your newborn photoshoot (as my client did in this almost all-white session). However, remember to ask before booking your newborn photoshoot. Some photographers have a very clear vision of what they want to create and get paid the big bucks to do what they do the way they do it… Anne Geddes probably has full creative licence during her photoshoots:)

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